The Energy Girl Podcast will *not* be returning soon

Well, friends, despite our best efforts, The Energy Girl Podcast *as we currently know it* won’t be returning soon. We made the bulk of our episodes all at once while we were furloughed due to COVID, but since returning back to work, we’ve found it nearly impossible to find the time & energy to research/write/record/edit for TEG. In addition, we are even more strapped for time than this summer because our dear cohost Janine has recently started grad school, and I have just started a new job.

But! I don’t intend to give up this effort entirely. Follow me on twitter @TheEnergyGirl to see my latest antics and rants and for any updates on my creative projects. I do intend to return to TEG, but it will be different… I have… ideas… Talk to you soon!


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