Audrey Wang Gosselin

As the daughter of an oil-industry professional and an environmental science professor (truly a house divided), I became aware from a young age that global energy policies and practices are untenable, and I decided that I wanted to save the world, as one does. I was lucky to be introduced to engineering by my parents and the multiple engineering summer camps they enrolled me in (#BigNerdEnergy), which ultimately led me to getting a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Power & Renewable Energy from the University of Houston.

I’ve interned in the wind industry (BP Wind Energy), written a thesis on computational modeling of solid-state battery materials (University of Houston), and conducted research on solar fuels (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne). I’m currently developing and marketing e-mobility and energy storage solutions at ABB. I’ve learned a lot about the global energy transition through these experiences, but this is really only the beginning for me. My purpose for this blog is to share my ideas on energy and to bring you all along for the ride as I investigate and learn more.

Photo by @pwgosselin